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What do unions do?

Unions are about workers coming together to work collectively to deal with their issues at work - including bargaining collective employment agreements and problem solving, and working on issues of concern to workers acoross industry and in society in general.

Aren't unions for people who just can't look after themselves?

Unions are for people who want to work together to sort out their workplace and conditions of work. While union members feel able to 'look after themselves', they enjoy the benefits and gains of working together.

There's plenty of independent research and analysis that shows a unionised workforce can achieve much more than non-union jobs. For example, collective employment agreements generally provide for much higher wages and conditions than individual agreements.

What can the union do for me?

The union is there to help you get a fair deal at work - as well as making sure you have a voice that can be heard beyond your workplace. As a union member it is likely you'll be involved in the process of winning a collective agreement for you and your workmates - as well as belonging to an organisation that can assist you to deal with workplace problems and issues.

Living Wage

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