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Fee rates as of 1 October 2013

Union fees are based on a scale according to your usual hours of work each week. 

Use the table below to work out your correct fee.

Usual Hours per WEEK

  Weekly Fees

10 or less









Important Note:

Union members are responsible for checking their fee deductions to ensure they are paying the correct rate.  Refunds will only be agreed to in extenuating circumstances and shall be granted for no more than a 12 month period.


At the Union Annual Meetings in 2005 members voted to adjust the Union fees automatically each year from 2007 by the inflation rate.

This means that from 1 October each year Union fees are increased by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) movement for the year ending 30 June.

Notice of these increases are sent to all employers in order to adjust the payroll deductions.

Those members who are paying by direct debit, credit card or invoice are advised individually of new fee rates.

Monthly fee rates are calculated by multiplying the weekly rate by 52 (weeks) and dividing by 12 (months) as there is not exactly four weeks in every month.

If you have any queries about the fee structure contact 0800 UNION 1 (0800 864 661) and ask for the membership team.

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